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Colorful Monster Dildos & Fantasy Sex Toys

High quality 100% Platinum-Cure Silicone toys, handmade to fulfill all those monster loving needs. Meet our newest arrivals and save with our Cyber Weekend deals!
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Cyber Weekend Sale

Take 10% Off all Ready to Ship Toys with coupon code BF21 from now through 11/29
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10% Off Custom Toys

Made to order, just for you! Shipped before the end of the year.
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Why Choose Us?

We are dedicated to making sex toys more fun and accessible for everyone with each colorful creature we create! Our toys start from hand sculpted models, inspired by themes of sci-fi, fantasy, monsters, and more. We use only high quality, 100% platinum-cure silicone and FDA approved, ethically sourced colorants that are skin safe. Our entire process from start to finish is designed to give you peace of mind when playing with your new friend! We have fulfilled over 900 orders and take pride in our customer service. Browse our FAQs or reach out anytime at if you have any questions about our products!
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