Happy Pride Month! A portion of all sales in June will be donated to our local New Haven Pride Center!

About Us

At Creature Feature Toys, we are an independent queer team of fantasy adult toy enthusiasts with strong stances on quality, care, and body safety.

What's different about Creature Feature Toys?

We always strive to reduce waste, pay fairly for labor, support artists, and give back to the community & planet.
We stay up to date on material safety & research, and are always available for questions about toy safety.
Each toy is crafted one by one. The majority of our catalog was originally hand-sculpted from clay, so every little detail was made with love!
Created by monster lovers, for monster lovers! We continue to release exciting new dildos, packers, penetrables, and more.
Although sex toys are unregulated, we take the responsibility of our work very seriously and always prioritize safety.

Meet the Team

Fuzz wears many hats! They are the character artist, model sculptor, and they also handle all the other ins and outs of the business. Favorite monsters: Werewolves, anything from Monster Hunter, kaiju, and unique creature designs!
Meet the Team - #1
Fuzz (they/them)
Araphre (AKA Ara), is one of the co-founders of CFT. His claws are usually deep in researching and developing new types of products! Favorite monsters: Dragons, aliens, or really any creature looking for some romance~
Meet the Team - #4
Araphre (he/him)
Peach is Fuzz's partner who lends a very helpful hand with pouring, cataloging new inventory, packaging orders, and watching our social media accounts. Favorite monsters: Cryptids, bird/cat inspired creatures, and sea monsters.
Meet the Team - #2
Peach (she/they)
Our lovely shop goblins, Spinch and Berber, sometimes cross over from the TailEnds side of things to assist. You may get your order packaged and shipped by them!
Meet the Team - #5
Spinch (she/they) & Berber (they/them)
Panini is a silicone witch who loves to pour Mirage the Mimic! She helps out with pours whenever she's not sewing in the TailEnds side of the studio. Favorite monsters: Mimics, fae creatures, and sirens.
Meet the Team - #3
Panini (she/her)
Our Team's Picks

Our Team's Picks

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